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Casa TIFF is a nice bistro just next to the downtown. It takes you only 2 minutes to reach it from Unirii Square, the heart of Cluj. It is located on Universitatii Street and it is just 7 minutes away from the bus station.

It has a nice big terrace and you can also choose it if you want to work from the outside. Being surrounded by the building the sun won’t be directly on your laptop screen. Casa TIFF has also two different areas in the inside and we recommend you to work from the one which is placed just next to the street because it is more intimate and better for working from here. In here you will find a power plug very easy and the screen of your laptop won’t be the other customers view to protect your privacy.

Internet connection is very good, we did not noticed slow moments even with Youtube open. Anyway, we don’t recommend you to abuse on this because there are also other customers that are surfing on web.

You notice also other people with their laptops in here and this will make you feel comfortable while working in here. The chairs are comfortable and you can work from Casa TIFF for a couple of hours.

The place is also suitable for meetings because it offers you plenty of space and you can put together more tables for your team.

The ambiental music is very loud, almost disturbing. We asked the stuff to reduce it to make the noise perfect to work in there. Unfortunately they refused it because in that case the persons from the outside won’t be able to listen the music. Despite of this they didn’t bother us during our working time even if we were in there for a couple of hours.

Casa TIFF has all the facilities that you need from a good place to work in Cluj.

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  1. Nice place for a drink, but not for work.

    Power plugs? Are you sure? The power outlets are switched off and if you ask about that, an arogant waitress will tell you that they are off because of people working there for hours. The bartenders are awesome and the place is nice, so is good if you want to drink something, but don’t go there to meet clients or to work! The place has potential, and was really good in the past, but after my last experience I can’t recommend it for work. :-/

  2. It is ok, but I would not suggest to go here to work for a long period of time if you do not want to buy every hour or so.
    Also regarding the power plugs they say they are not working. I do not really know the reason, but before going there I would suggest to give a call and ask about this situation.

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