7 Key advantages of the Freelance Life

What’s it like to be a freelancer? Is it a life of complete control, working when you want, picking and choosing only the projects that interest you?

There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to freelancing, and a whole range of factors about your current situation that need to be seriously considered before you hand your boss the letter of resignation.

First of all, freelancing is not for everyone. Although many people find that the advantages outweigh the potential pitfalls, sooner or later some people will decide that they’re just not comfortable with the freelance life.

What's nice about freelance life?

Flexible working hours

The ability to work the hours you want is a huge advantage for most people. Family commitment, school runs, part-time study, or your internal body clock’s unique cycle may mean that you prefer to work early in the morning, or late into the evening.

Flexible working location

When you first consider freelancing, you’ll probably glance around your own home, determining where you’ll create your office space and deciding that you can finally justify that shiny red espresso machine. Certainly, it is highly desir­able to have some space at home that’s quiet, comfortable, interruption-free, and conducive to work.

However, don’t discount the concept of being truly mobile—many cafes and libraries now have free wireless Internet, or you can arrange your own mobile wireless broadband. You can also treat these locations as a complement to your home office; this can help to counter the monotony of working in isolation. You’ll likely meet other local freelancers doing the same as you!

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Choose the project you want

We’ve all had the experience of working on a project or for a client that promised to turn into a nightmare from the outset, which we’d prefer to have avoided if we’d had a say in the matter. As a freelancer, once you’re established, you’re in control—you have the opportunity to refuse projects or clients.

Being in charge

The feeling of strength and autonomy that comes from being in charge of your life’s direction is a major drawcard. For many people, this is the main reason to head down the freelancing path.

Constant education

It’s no coincidence that many people attracted to the freelance lifestyle also have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Freelancing can allow you the flexibility to spend more time on research and planned education than would a normal nine-to-five job. Want to read that new typography book, or catch up on that agile development blog? Sure, jump right on in; no one’s looking over your shoulder, and the time is yours to spend as you please—deadlines permit­ting.

Wide variety of projects

Unlike an in-house salaried position—where you may find yourself slaving away on the same mind-numbing web application or site for twelve months because you’re assigned to do so—you have the opportunity to work across multiple industries and switch your focus between large and small projects.

Freedom in clothing choice

Last but not least, a number of people have reported to me that the prospect of being able to wear what they wanted was a definite factor in their decision to go freelance. Being able to shed the suit, tie, make-up, and high heels—whichever apply!—in favor of shorts and a T-shirt has a certain appeal for many. Don’t throw that suit out, though; you may still need it upon occasion for client meetings!

Article inspired by the book: The Principles of Successful Freelancing  by Miles Burke.

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