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The coffee house

Plan Cafe is located in Grigorescu neighborhood next to Casa Radio, on Donath Street. It takes you 5 minutes to walk from the bus station.

Between 1 and 2 pm it is pretty hard to find a parking spot in the Cafe Parking. If you avoid the rush hours the place is almost empty and you can also park your car just in front. Also, it has a bike parking and you can leave your bike in a safe place just next to the building.

Internet connection is very good and having different wi-fi spot for each floor it won’t be overbusy. We recommend you to sit on the armchair just next to the wall because in there you will have easy access to the power plugin and then you can protect your laptop screen from others.

The staff is very friendly and they won’t distract you during the work. They are very open to help you to decide what to try in their location.
Plan Cafe is also suitable as a place to have a business meeting or to meet an old friend while drinking a good coffee.

If you’re looking for a nice place to work and you don’t want to spend your time to go to the downtown, Plan Cafe is definitely a good recommendation for a place to work in Cluj, in Grigorescu neighborhood.

Recommended: Cappuccino + Fresh only for 11 RON or Chili Hot Chocolate.

2 reviews

  1. Good coffee, quite place in Grigorescu

    Plan Cafe is quite place to work in Cluj if you want to avoid the downtown rush. Internet connection is very good, you have easy access to power plugin on the left side of the coffee. If you’re sitting downstair please note that the restroom is at the second floor and you will have to leave your laptop downstair.
    Next to you will notice other people with the laptop working and you won’t feel uncomfortable by doing this. Considering this and the fact that the bus station is only 5 minutes of walking and that the Bike Parking is just next to the building you should visit this place at least once.

  2. Nice place, good atmosphere

    Plan Cafe is a good place to work in Cluj. The caffe is good, nice bartenders. Only if they have a bathroom at the first floor, I’ll gave them 5 stars. The music is not too loud, they have also a projector where you can watch football or sports. Nice for a good evening with your friends!

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