Why you should move to Cluj after Untold

Are you in Cluj right now or you just left it this morning? You should really consider coming back, or why not, moving to Cluj.

You’ve probably been in Cluj Napoca for the last 4 days, or more, and you already started to get to know the area. Maybe, you fall in love with the surroundings or with a guy or girl that you saw at the festival. Apart of this we are going to give a few more reasons to move to Cluj and become a “clujean”.

Language is not a barrier 

Looking for somebody to talk with, or you need some help? You might find an English speaker just next to you, don't hesitate to ask them. Romanians might have a little bit of Russian accent when they speak english, but they will definitely be able to assist you. In the country we consider English as our second language.

Also, according to The US Foreign Service Institute, Romanian is a “Category I” language, which means it is one of the easiest languages for native English speakers to learn.

The people

When you're moving to a new city you should definitely ask yourself: "How are the people in here?". Probably, you already made a few friends in here during the festival. People in the area are called "ardeleni", calm persons, friendly and very funny. Also, don't forget the women in here are very beauty (you definitely remember at least on girl that you saw at Untold).

The beauty of the area

Look at this short video to see the beauty of this city.

After watching the video you definitely noticed some nice places in the city, Matei Corvin Statue, National Theatre of Cluj Napoca, you might find the best places to visit in Cluj here. Cluj Napoca is also a city full of history and legends, you might find some interesting stories in here: History of Cluj

Apart of this, Cluj Napoca is in Transylvania. Yes, the land of Dracula! Bran Castle, Sighisoara, Transfagarasan, Transalpina are just a few of the key attractions of the area

Proximity of an airport

If you travel a lot, you may need to live within close proximity of an airport. The airport is at just 20 minutes riding from the downtown. You can also reach it by the bus, at a cheap price which is around 0.50$. If you came at Untold with the airplane then you can always enjoy a city break to your hometown.

Good food

Do you love burgers, pizza, shaorma, steak, sushi, cheesecake or mexican food? You will definitely find all of this in the restaurants around the area. You can see a few recommendations in here. When you come to Cluj-Napoca you should definitely try "varza a la Cluj", the specific food of our city. The recommended place to try it is at Varzarie.

Cost of living

For basic goods, Romania has some of the lowest prices in the EU. You can get a comfortable place for less than $400 a month, and often it’s much less. A good bottle of wine can cost as little as $6. For example, if you order two pizzas, a dessert, chicken wings, and mozzarella sticks from a local pizza delivery company you will pay around $12 . While wages for a majority of Romanians are notoriously low, if you work for a multinational company, an international school, or as a successful freelancer, you can live really comfortably here on much less than you need at home. The internet is very cheap, considering the fact that in here you will have one of high speed connections in the world.

Work / Business

If you're moving to Cluj you should definitely find a place where you can earn some money. There are two choices, start your own business or be a part of one of the existing companies in here. LiveRail. HP, IBM, Yardi/ Property Shark, and SDL, Microsoft, Arobs are just a few of the big names around here. While outsourcing is still the bulk of software work done in Cluj, startups are catching on in a big way. If you're looking to build your own start-up we recommend you to check the co-working hubs in the city where you will find people with the same dreams as you.

Public transport

You can go to work or out with your friends with the bus. You don't have to ask yourself "where I will park my car?", there is definitely a bus station next to you. Public transport works from 5:30 until the midnight, depending on route. If you're a remote work you can see in here the best places that are just next to the bus station.

Lowest air pollution in EU

Cluj-Napoca ranks first among 100 larger cities of the European Union in terms of air quality, according to a research published by French magazine We Demain together with Respire association. The research takes into consideration three air polluting factors, which are small particles, nitrous dioxide and ozone and calculates the average number of days per year in which the level for these pollutants are exceeding the normal levels, which makes the air unhealthy to breathe.

It's a safe place

You can walk around all day long or during the night without being afraid that something bad is going to happen to you. Even at the midnight you will see a lot of young people going to the club or from it, so you won't feel alone in the neighborhood.

Do you have more reasons in mind? Please leave them in the comment section below!

Author: Sergiu Andreca

Video: Svet Moving Emotions

Photo: Radu Padurean


  1. kitty

    Actually I have a problem finding a job as a photographer. It’s not so easy to follow your dreams here.

    1. eliottee

      For real ? Everyone is trying to be a “photographer” maybe ur not good enough to be one. It takes years and years. Don’t blame the city because you can’t achive something, blame yourself.

      1. Andrea, you’re being rude! Are you part of the people promoted in this article?!
        And yeap… I agree with Eliottee, it is not that easy.
        It is easy if you want to work in a corporate business. And you should know this, Andrea 🙂

        Eliottee, yes, there are a lot of photographers in Cluj… but I am sure there is place for another one. 😛

    2. Bogdan T

      Everyone wants to be a photographer. Just keep it as a hobby and get some nice projects and start working your ass for money.

  2. Paula

    “Women in here are very beautiful”…
    Why would the writer be that sexist to use women as an object to sell the city? Besides… Aren’t then homosexual men or heterosexual women target of this article?

    1. Sergiu

      Paula, I didn’t meant to be sexist, that was more like a joke. In Cluj we also have Delio Club which is for homosexual men or heterosexual women. Considering this, Cluj is a good place to live for everyone.

  3. Andrea

    Honestly, this is one of the best article what I read of this city. I live in Cluj and I think that article is a pretty good demostration that you have to visit this magical city. The video attached is so awesome, congratulations for that and for this great article !

  4. Mags

    Tempting thanks Naomi

  5. Knut

    Too bad you can not use your bike. The very few bike lanes are crowded with people walking, you can suddenly find a tree or a pole in the middle of it or it suddenly ends. It crosses over sharp sidewalk edges, it looks like the ones that designed and build it never cycled. That is why you have to ride in the streets where drivers are uneducated when it comes to giving way to a bike, overtake you in very very close proximity, others would honk you even though you haven’t done anything wrong. If you own a car things are even worse, get ready to spend a lot of time stuck in traffic. Public transportation is slow and only a small percentage have AC.

  6. mie partea asta mi-a plăcut cel mai mult: ”Romanians might have a little bit of Russian accent when they speak english”. cum dracu sună accentul ăla rusesc? bănuiesc că toți vorbitorii de english din Europa răsăriteană au accent rusesc chiar dacă nu știu o boabă de rusă. așa pățăști cînd nu ești în stare să spui ceva concret despre o limbă sau niște vorbitori. reproduci clișee fără fundamente logice, bazate doar pe vizionarea unor producții cinematografice de o calitate îndoielnică. dar nu-i nimic, promovăm Clujul, promovăm România, cu zel și incompetență

  7. Andrei

    It’s not difficult to find a job in Cluj, it’s very difficult to find a decently paid one, salaries are low compared to the cost of living.

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  9. Silvia

    In Cluj there are plenty of things to do. A lot of festivals take place, and events to attend. It’s a very vivid city with good vibes everywhere! You can also use the local bike system to move around. First hour for free and after you need to pay a small amount of 2 ron first hour. Moved to Cluj about 7 years ago! Really recommend

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