New feature: Nearby Locations

Finding a nice workplace next to you is now just a few clicks ahead. You can now center the map exactly where you are and then browse nearby locations.

We are happy to announce you that now you can browse nearby location. This feature will allow you to find the perfect workplace next to you in just a few seconds.

During the last few months our users requested an option that will allow them to easy locate a spot just next to the place where they are located. That's why we decided that we have to work on implementing this feature to make Work in Cluj a must use tool for remote workers.

Once you decided which place is going to be your next location by clicking on get directions Google Maps will tell you how to reach the destination and how long will it take.

We prepared for you a short tutorial on how to use this feature on desktop and mobile. Please follow the article to get familiar with this new feature:

How it works on Desktop:

1. Go to All Locations Page >> Click on Find A Place or Search button.

2. Type the name of Street in Location field or Click on Location Icon.

3. Allow your browser to Know your location.

4. Click on one of the locations to read our review.

How it works on Mobile:

The first thing  that you have to do is to allow your phone to track your location. You can do this by enabling GPS on the phone. Then please follow this steps:

1. Tap on Search button.

2. Tap on Map icon.

3. Tap on Location icon.

4. Browse next to you locations.

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